Tips For Getting The Best Car Insurance

When anything involves your budget, you have to make the best decisions so that you’re getting the best deal possible.  When you are getting homeowners insurance quotes or car insurance quotes, you must look at your needs in addition to your budget.  There are several great strategies that will allow you to get the best car insurance from a company like Savage & McPherson Insurance.  With today’s technology, you have instant access to companies that can save you money.  Here are some tips that will help you get the best deal possible on your car insurance. 

Your Rate    

First, you must take a look at all of the things that will affect your car insurance rate. 

  • Your record:  If you have accidents or driving violations on your record, you’ll be considered a high risk driver.
  • Your age, gender and marital status:  There are certain age groups that are considered to have more accidents and claims, while men are involved in more car accidents.  Married people usually have lower rates of claims.
  • Where you live:  There tends to be fewer claims in rural areas.
  • Previous insurance coverage:  Your potential insurance company will check to see if you have been canceled in the past for non-payment.    
  • Vehicle and use:  Some makes and models of cars have more claims than others.  The new insurance company will look to see how many miles you put on your car annually to see how much of a risk you will be. 

Know Your Coverage Need      

Since every driver is different, you need to figure out how much coverage you actually will need.  Your budget will determine whether or not you the state minimum liability coverage or if you need a comprehensive, collision and liability plan.  The latter will give you the best coverage if you get into a car accident.  If the accident in which you are involved results in injury, major damage or loss of life, you may be legally and financially liable for what your policy does not cover.

Compare Coverage      

Finding the best car insurance quotes involves comparing different companies’ quotes.  Some important things to consider are rental reimbursements, towing and labor, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, comprehensive coverage and gap coverage offered by each company that you are considering.  Other details to consider are roadside assistance, vanishing deductible and accident forgiveness.    

Discounts and Perks       

You should always look for the potential perks that you’ll receive and the discounts for which you are eligible.  Sometimes companies will allow you to combine your policy with your homeowners insurance in order to get a better deal.  Insuring more than one car can get you a discount as well.  Other discounts include the good driver discount, a discount for at least 5 years of experience driving and having no accidents in the past 5 years.

Some of the perks that insurance companies offer are the smaller details that may make your life a bit easier.  Some companies offer a mobile app for your smart phone that will allow you to look at your account and read helpful information from the company.  Other perks involve savings that you can earn and a virtual tool kit that helps in the minutes after an accident has occurred.

Be Ready    

When comparing car insurance quotes, be sure to have all of your personal information ready.  You’ll need to provide information about yourself and all of the drivers in your family.  You’ll also need to provide your car’s VIN number and your social security number, driver’s license number and your home address and phone numbers. 

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