How To Get Reimbursed For Lift Chairs Under Medicare Part B

A lift chair is a device that helps you get in and out of a seat. This shouldn’t be confused with a patient lift which transports patients to and from bed. If you have Medicare Part B, you may be able to get reimbursed for a lift chair . Here are some things you should know about qualifying for reimbursement for lift chairs under Medicare Part B insurance.

Know What is Covered

When lift chairs first appeared in the 1980s, Medicare covered the whole cost until the early 1990s. Medicare no longer covers the whole chair due to the number of claims that were made. Also, because certain spring mechanisms were considered unsafe, they no longer cover chairs that use them.

It will only reimburse a chair with an electrical mechanism. The lift mechanism is consider medically necessary. The chair must smoothly move you from sitting to standing position. If you have been covered in the past for similar equipment, you do not qualify for reimbursement.

Prove You Suffer from a Medical Condition

Medicare requires that you have a certain medical condition to get reimbursed for the chair under Medicare Part B. The Medicare specifically says you need to suffer from severe arthritis of the hip or knee or a severe neuromuscular disease.

Though you don’t need a total disability, you have to be really unable to get up from a sitting position from any chair in your home. You should be able to walk without assistance after getting out of the chair and operate the mechanism on your own. The chair must be part of a treatment plan to improve or slow the condition. All other treatments must be tried.

Fill and Send Documents

To process the claim, send the Medicare office a doctor’s prescription, a purchase receipt, and Certificate of Medical Necessity. Many lift chair dealers provide the Certificate of Medical Necessity. The order should include your name, doctor’s name, order date, chair description, and doctor’s signature.

You will be required to fill out part A and C of the Certificate of Necessity. Part A asks for name, address, telephone number, and Medicare number. In part C, include a description of the chair and cost. If you cannot sign your name, sign with an ‘X’ along with a witness’s signature. Your doctor is required to fill section B.

Medicare will typically reimburse up to $300 for a lift chair. Though the reimbursement is small, don’t let the cost of a lift chair keep you from buying one. Medicare is typically for people age 65 and older, but you can still qualify if you are under 65 if you meet certain criteria. If you have any questions, take the time to talk to an agent from a company like Continental Insurance Agency, LLC.

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