4 Things Seniors Do That Make Their Auto Insurance Rates Higher

As seniors age, they face complications such as memory or vision loss. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that seniors age 85 and older start to have a higher chance of crashes than teen drivers. So naturally, you can expect your auto insurance to increase. However, for seniors to save the most money possible on their auto insurance rates, they need to ensure they are make these mistakes. 

1. You Don’t Update Your Mileage Driven

As a senior, once you’ve retired, you more than likely are driving fewer miles than when you were working. Your auto insurance company does take the miles you drive a year into consideration for your insurance rate. It’s possible you’re now driving the fewer miles necessary to gain a discount. The reason this is discounted is because you are less prone to get involved in an accident in comparison to someone who’s always on the road.

2. You Haven’t Updated the Age Of The Primary Driver

Yes, the insurance premium can increase the older you get. So, if you’re no longer the primary driver for your vehicle, let your agent know. With your caretaker or adult child being the primary driver, your insurance costs can be greatly reduced.

3. You’ve Never Enrolled In A Defensive Driving Course

Some insurance companies create a defensive driving course especially for seniors. Whether your insurance agency has one specific for seniors or not, take one of these courses. In addition to giving you a safe driving discount, another benefit you’ll receive is the knowledge of how to prevent accidents. Some of these courses are offered online so they can be taken in the comforts of your home.

4. You Don’t Ask ForA Discount

No matter your age or the plan you have, ask your insurance agent for additional discounts. As a mature adult, you’ve had plenty of life experiences that prove you to be responsible. For instance, if you own a home, you’ll not only be eligible for a multi-product discount, but also show you aren’t a reckless driver or have terrible credit because you have an asset to protect. The same goes for if you’re married or have a higher education degree. Some companies are in partnerships with insurance companies and still award discounts to their retired employees.

You may not be able to lower your auto insurance via each of the above scenarios, but you should be able to implement at least one or two with a company like Graber Insurance. In asking in great detail about these discounts, your agent should try to uncover other deals for you as well. 

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