Illegally Driving A New Car Without Auto Insurance: Why You Need Liability Coverage

Did you just get your driver’s license or purchase a new car? If you haven’t invested in auto insurance yet, it is in your best insurance to get coverage as soon as possible. Find out below why it is illegal to drive without auto insurance coverage and why liability coverage is ideal if you have a small budget.

What Makes Driving without Auto Insurance Illegal?

The reason it is illegal to drive without at least liability auto insurance is due to protecting other drivers if you cause an accident. Laws for auto insurance are necessary to protect everyone that you are on the road with. For instance, if you were to cause a collision that injures the other driver and totals their car, they can get into a financial bind if you don’t have insurance coverage. Auto insurance gives the other driver money for getting a new vehicle and getting treated for injuries.

You don’t want to drive without auto insurance because it can damage your driving record. Once your driving record is damaged, it can lead to higher insurance payments. Auto insurance is something that you will need for as long as you drive a vehicle, so keeping your record clean will prevent high insurance rates. You can go to jail if you don’t get insurance coverage fast, even if you just bought the vehicle. Whether you are jailed, fined or both will depend on what the auto insurance laws are in your state.

What Makes Liability Auto Insurance Ideal?

If you are making payments on your new car and don’t want to spend too much money on auto insurance, liability coverage is the most affordable. The actual amount of money that you will pay for liability insurance will depend on the kind of car you bought and your age, sex and driving record. However, you will come out on top financially with liability insurance in comparison to having full coverage.

Although liability auto insurance is great for saving money, full coverage is the best if you want security when you are at fault in accidents. Basically, liability will only protect other drivers, but full coverage protects you as well. You can also begin with liability coverage and switch to full when you are able to fit it into your budget. Make contact with an auto insurance agency such as Liverpool Associates to get your car covered before you are pulled over or get into an accident without it!  

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