How Bail Bonds Work

If you have a loved one who has recently landed themselves in jail and they have a large amount set for bail to be released, you may wonder how you will pay for it or if you have to let them sit in jail until their trial. Using a bail bond service (such as Bob Shropshire & Sons) is a great method in getting the funds needed to pay off the bail if you are unable to come up with the sum on your own. Here is a summary of how bail bonds work so you can decide if it is a route you wish to take in helping your loved one with their temporary release.

Finding Out The Amount

When your loved one called to tell you they were arrested, they may have told you to come to the police station with bail to have them released. You most likely will not be able to go to the jail right at that moment to have them released. Many instances require that the judge set the amount of bail first. This is usually done within a day or two of the arrest, however. Call the jail to ask if your loved one needs to find out the amount of bail at a hearing or if there is a predetermined amount of bail already set for the offense they are being charged with.

Asking For Help

Once you know how much the bail will cost, you need to decide how to go about getting the money to pay for it. You will need to check your savings, credit card money advance limits, and loan options. Since it takes time to apply for a loan, that might not be the path you wish to take. A bail bond service will be able to approve you for funds right away, making it a very desirable choice if you do not wish for your loved one to stay in jail for any length of time.

Knowing The Limits

When you commit to borrowing from a bail bond service, you need to be aware that you need to have collateral to put up as proof you will pay the bond service back in full. When your loved one goes to court, the bail bond money is returned to you and you will be able to use it to pay back the bail bond service. If your loved one does not show up for court, you may lose the collateral you had backing up your loan. This is why it is very important you know what type of behavior your loved one will display regarding the charges they are fighting. 

If you think they may leave town and hide from the court system, do not borrow from a bail service or you will be the one responsible. Your loved one may become arrested with the help of a bounty hunter if they fail to show up for court. This will be unfavorable for their case overall, possibly landing them extra jail time and added fines.