What To Know About Homeowners Insurance And Dogs

If you are a homeowner, you of course want to be sure that you have homeowners insurance to protect you financially in the case that any type of damage occurs. Liability is the insurance that protects you if you have a legal responsibility to pay for certain accidents. This can even include dog bites. If someone were to be bit by your dog and sues you, your homeowners liability coverage will help protect you financially in this situation. Here’s what you should know about homeowners insurance and dogs:

​Certain Dogs are High Risk: 

High risk dog breeds are outlined on homeowners insurance policies. If you have a high risk dog in your home, you may have to pay more for your homeowners insurance policy, or worse, you could be dropped from your policy and denied to apply for homeowners insurance with other companies. This is why you may consider bringing in a mutt from your local animal shelter if you want a dog. Or, if you want a specific breed, it may be best to choose a breed that has not been labeled as high risk. 

Take Safety Precautions:

Having to file a claim for a dog bite incident is dangerous, because even this can result in you being dropped from the policy in the future. This is why you should be sure that you are taking safety precautions with a dog in your home. Be sure that your backyard fence is secure so your dog cannot leave the yard and potentially attack someone walking by. You also want to be sure that you leave your dog in a dog kennel if necessary when you have guests over, or even use a muzzle. Doing this can save you from a messy legal situation that can leave you without homeowners insurance and potentially having to face giving up your dog. 

Talk to Your Homeowners Insurance Agency:

Before bringing a dog into your home, always be sure that your homeowners insurance agency is not going to have a problem with it. Provide your homeowners insurance agent with the breed type, weight, and height of your dog. This ensures that you are not bringing home a dog and falling in love with it only to discover that this dog is going to cause problems with your homeowners insurance. 

By knowing these things about homeowners insurance and dogs, you can be sure that you better understand the risks and what you can do to avoid any incidents in the future. Talk to a company like McHugh Insurance to learn more.