90210-Esque: How You Can Change Your Car’s Zip Code For The Better

Some people see living in the city as a major hassle. Others who enjoy the city see it as a place with an array of choices. When you live in the center of the city, you will be surrounded by businesses, restaurants, and others shops of all kinds. This means that you wake up with a number of choices that those in the suburbs may not have. One choice that you will likely have when you live in the city is where to store your car. In large cities with a number of condominiums and complexes, there will be parking garages. Here are some ways that you can lower your insurance by switching garages. 

A true garage offers more safety

If you have a car in the city, some condominiums and apartments will offer spaces that are beside the street or have a small lot for parked cars. Cars on the street or on a street lot have less safety than garages. A parking garage offers restricted access and keeps cars safe from being sideswiped by the cars that drive on city streets. Choosing a garage over a lot or street side parking can help you save money on car insurance. 

You can change your zip code

If your car is stored in a garage inside of a safer zip code, you may see a significant decrease in your car insurance due to this fact. Being in a better part of the city has its perks and lower chance of break-ins or stolen automobiles is likely one. Search for a parking garage that is easily accessible and not far from you, then ask an auto insurance agency, like Village Insurance, if the change in venue can lower your risk and your premiums. 

No more weather issue

Being in the middle of a parking garage in the winter time means that your car is mainly protected from the elements. A major snowstorm will not bury your car in snow and a hurricane or tornado will not sweep away your vehicle. Your automobile being safe and sound inside of a parking garage is secured from weather and many other happenings that insurance agencies label Acts of God, including trees falling. This also makes your car safer for you, as you will not have to worry about your tail pipe becoming obstructed by snow nor will your car be sitting in water for any period of time.