Why You Should Request A New Home Insurance Quote After Remodeling

Remodeling your house can be a huge and costly event, but it can also make a house look nicer and have a higher value. In addition, remodeling can also make a house more durable and strong. If you just finished remodeling your home, you should call an insurance company to get a quote for home insurance, because the improvements you made might cause your premiums to drop. Here are a few ways this can happen.

A new roof reduces risks of a claim

Wind, hail, and storms that sweep through your town can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home, and the first part of a home affected by these things is typically the roof. A roof that is older and worn out will be at more risk for damage occurring from storms, which is why you should let your insurance company know if you get a new roof.

Getting a new roof offers more protection for your house and will be more durable against storms and storm damage. Your insurance company is likely to agree and offer a discount on your policy simply because the roof on your home is brand new. This could help you save 10% to 20% on the costs of your home insurance premiums.

Improvements to the plumbing system reduce risks of water damage

Another type of improvement that can help you save money involves things you do to your plumbing system. One of the main reasons people file home insurance claims is for water damage, and this water damage often occurs from plumbing problems in homes. Water damage can be a very messy job to fix, and it can lead to major damage in a home.

If you replaced your entire plumbing system because it was old, let your insurance company know. They might be willing to drop your rates simply because of this, and this could also help you save money.

Improvements add value

The other reason to request a home insurance quote is to make sure your house is fully covered. If you spent a lot of money on remodeling your home, there is a good chance the house is now worth more money than it was prior to your efforts. Getting a new insurance quote will help you make sure you have the house insured for the right value.

If you recently remodeled your home, it might be worthwhile to call an insurance company to find out if you now qualify for any discounts on your policy.