3 Life Changes That May Result in Savings on Your Auto Insurance

There are many factors used to determine auto-insurance rates, which is why you may want to ask for auto-insurance quotes when certain events occur in your life. As things in your life change, you might open yourself up for auto-insurance discounts you were not eligible for before. Here are three life changes that could help you get lower auto-insurance rates.

You got married

If you recently tied the knot, you may want to call for a car-insurance quote because there is a good chance your costs may drop. Statistically, people who are married are at a lower risk for having car accidents, and insurance companies know this. Because of this statistic, changing your status from single to married may automatically qualify you for a discount on your auto-insurance policy.

You bought another car

If you buy a second car, you will have to get auto-insurance coverage on it, which means your auto-insurance policy will go up simply because you must pay for coverage on two vehicles. While this will cost you more money, the good news is that you may get a discount on your policy for having multiple coverage. The total amount you will pay may go up, but the cost per car may drop because you qualify for a multi-car discount.

You had a birthday

Having a birthday is often another reason to give an auto-insurance company a call to find out if you can get a lower rate. Birthdays matter in the world of insurance because ages play a huge role in risk levels. Each time an insurance company calculates a quote for auto insurance, the company determines the person’s risk level. While age is not the only factor involved, it is a big part of the determination.

Teenagers are typically considered the highest risk drivers of all, but people who are under the age of 25 are also usually placed in a high-risk category. If you recently had a birthday and turned 25 years old, calling your insurance company to get a quote is probably a good idea. Turning 25 places you in a different risk group, and this means you could get another discount on your policy.

If you have experienced any life changes recently and have not yet called for a quote on your auto insurance, you should do so now. The changes that took place in your life might help you save a significant amount of money on insurance for your car.