3 Things To Know If You Have Been Told You Now Need SR22 Insurance Proof

If the Department of Motor Vehicles has decided that you are a high risk driver, you may be asked to provide the state with proof of SR22 insurance. Before you start to panic, you will want to review the following facts about this type of document so you know what you are getting into.

It Is Not An Actual Insurance Policy

The SR22 is not an actual vehicle insurance policy on its own. What it is is a type of document that your auto insurance company will provide to you to show the state that you not only have auto insurance now, but that your insurance meets the minimum standards set by the state where your vehicle is registered. Such documentation is requested from high risk drivers who may have been in auto accidents while they did not have the proper state required minimum insurance.

It May Cost You A Little More Money

The actual price increase that you will notice will depend on your state and the particular auto insurance company that you are going through. There is generally a small filing fee with the state that you will have to pay in order to submit the SR22. Then, if your need for this type of proof of coverage is due to serious violations, the insurance company may decide to charge you a little more for the coverage itself. Another thing to consider is that some auto insurance companies may demand that the premium payment is paid in full, especially if the reason you need the SR22 is due to lack of past coverage as a result of non-payment. However, all of this is temporary and you should be able to see the costs decrease once you are no longer required to obtain an SR22.

You May Need It For A Few Years

It generally takes a few years to clear your driving record and you may be required to obtain an SR22 until that time comes. It is important to remember that once you are no longer required to present the SR22 to the state, that you contact your auto insurance company. Have them remove this from your policy and then talk to them about possibly lowering your insurance premium rates.

With those three things in mind, you should have a much easier time understanding the SR22 insurance document and your need for it. For more information, talk to a professional.